Current Events

This page contains news and information about our community and the activities of WGIPOA.

Ongoing: Join the American Shore & Beach Preservation Association (ASBPA) and automatically become a member of the Texas Chapter. See and for details.

We have many important pieces of legislation coming from the Federal government on coastal issues. Let’s make it a habit this year to write, fax, or e-mail our representatives to support the legislation we believe that are important for the West End. Please include in your correspondence the need to restore and maintain our beaches and bays. We will do our best to keep you up to date on these legislative matters but please check the American Coastal Coalition (ACC) web site for other pending legislative issues and coastal topics at: Also, check the ACC’s suggested letters, faxes and e-mails to use at Time is of the essence so please spread the word and get those e-mails, faxes, and letters going as soon as possible.

Seawall Guidelines

Galveston City Council met June 14, 2001, to vote on the Seawall Guidelines that were developed for the Comprehensive Plan. The main topic of the meeting was the setback requirements. The Seawall Development Committee of the Comprehensive Plan has recommended a rear setback requirement in order to protect the neighborhoods adjacent to the Seawall properties. The Planning Commission voted to recommend to City Council that there should be no setback requirement.

Oyster Gardening

To those of you that participated in the Galveston Bay Oyster Gardening, please contact Tina Proctor, Environmental Specialist for the Foundation, to complete a form that is required by the funding foundation. Please e-mail:; Fax: 281-332-3153; Tel: 281-332-3381.

Marine Unit

You will read in the minutes that Galveston Police Department Officer, Timothy Galvan, is beginning a new marine unit to patrol canals of the subdivisions. Officer Galvan is requesting financial donations as well as the donation of a boat (center counsel type, 19 feet or longer) to begin the project. Please support this worthwhile project and contact Officer Galvan at 409-797-3702 or e-mail:


The Conservation and Recovery Act Bill that would have greatly benefited Texas and all coastal communities is dead for the time being. A very weakened version of the CARA Bill was attached to the Interiors Department’s Appropriations Bill and it deals mostly with wildlife conservation and restoration. The end result in a compromise since significant political maneuvering took place between the environmentalists, private property rights groups, and the oil and gas interests. The American Coastal Coalition (ACC) reports there are discussions in Washington to include CARA language in the Commerce-Justice-State Appropriations bill as it relates to NOAA funding. The ACC also reports that over 700 e-mails were sent to Congress in the last six months and Texas tied for second place in the number sent. We appreciate all those who e-mailed Senator Phil Gramm and Senator Kay Baily Hutchison to support CARA.

Please contact your representatives.