WGIPOA 2008-2009 Statement

Statement of accomplishments for 2008 and plan for 2009

The West Galveston Island Property Owners Association (WGIPOA) Board of Directors met to review a very successful year in 2008 and developed an aggressive program of work for 2009. Hurricane “Ike” severely damaged the west end and our focus has been on recovery. “Ike” was classified as a Category 2 storm but it was 1 mph shy of a category 3 storm and it had a Category 4 storm surge. The devastation to the west end and city was horrific with 75% of structures damaged or destroyed. Ike was the third largest natural disaster in the United States with the Great Strom of 1900 being number one.

The WGIPOA is entering its tenth year as an organization and the main emphasis will always be to protect and preserve the beach and bay shoreline of West Galveston Island and to continue to improve the quality of life for the residents and property owners. The organization continues to become involved with member association issues and concerns that are particular to their area. We set up meetings and search for ways to assist and help property owner associations resolve matters with the City or County.

What we accomplished in 2008:
• Ike Recovery Efforts: The WGIPOA

◦ Communicated all City/State/GLO happenings
◦ Pursued power and water/sewer hook ups
◦ Helped with permit issues
◦ Conducted at Moody Gardens Hotel:

▪ Two “Town Hall” meetings. The first one had over 350 to 400 people to hear Ike updates from the City, County, State, Power, FEMA
▪ A meeting with the Presidents of member associations to address issues and concerns with the City. The Planning and Public Utilities Departments answered questions.

◦ Coordinated meetings with member associations and various City Departments
◦ Member of the City’s Long Term Community Recovery Program
◦ Addressed City Council

▪ To support the FEMA Hazardous Mitigation Buy Out program
▪ To approve the hiring of a consultant for the Buy Out Program
▪ To support a revetment/seawall project for the West End
▪ To approve of the funding for a political consultant in Austin for the Galveston County Beach Erosion Task Force

◦ Worked with the:

▪ Subdivisions to get water/sewer and power hook ups
▪ City (through FEMA) on debris removal from streets and canals
▪ City to install bollards on the beach to prevent vehicles in front of subdivisions. Since there are no dunes, cars can drive directly to a house and very vulnerable to theft.
▪ Police Department on patrols of the west end
▪ GLO on cleaning the beaches and bays of debris
▪ City for FEMA reimbursement
▪ Bermuda Beach/Spanish Grant Beach to facilitate the installation sewers, water, and roads. Looking at grinder pumps verses a gravity sewer system
▪ Committee to develop the West End Revetment/Seawall project
▪ TAMUG in developing the “Ike Dike”

◦ Made presentations on the “Ike Dike” to:

▪ City of Galveston City Manager
▪ County Judge Jim Yarbrough and County Commissioner Bryan Lamb
▪ WGIPOA members at the 12/20/09 meeting

• Worked with the GLO in increasing the sand nourishment project from the end of the Seawall now to 13 Mile Road at a cost of $18.5 million
• Successful in passing of the 4B sales tax. Worked 3 polling booths.
• Chair of the Parks Board Beach Maintenance Advisory Committee
• Requested the US Army Corp of Engineers to conduct an EIS (Environmental Impact Statement) for the entire west end.
• Worked with the Galveston Windstorm Action Committee (GWAC) to form a coalition of coastal communities to reduce or maintain existing windstorm insurance rates. Met in Corpus Christi to form a new group similar to GWAC.
• Protested HB 2819, which was suspended because of Ike.
• Adopted resolutions to support the ASBPA legislative efforts in Washington, DC.
• Successful meetings of the West Galveston Island Marsh Restoration program
• Worked with the Galveston County Beach Erosion Task Force and GLO

◦ in locating off shore sand sources for Galveston Island
◦ in looking at test projects to hold and build sand on the beaches
◦ securing funds for shoreline restoration projects

• Worked with the American Shore & Beach Preservation Association (ASBPA) and the Texas ASBPA Chapter and continued as a sponsor
• Worked with member property owner association in seeking funds through the Coastal Impact Assistance Program (CIAP).
• Successful meetings with the City Manager with positive results in addressing issues and concerns of the various WGIPOA property owner associations.
• Worked with GARM in establishing programs for rental homes.
• Helped in meetings with the City to bring sewers and improve drainage for the west end in

◦ Sportsman Road area
◦ Karankawa, Gulf Palms, and Acapulco Village
◦ Palm Beach

• Addressed the Coastal Coordination Council at their meeting in Galveston to pursue elevation of FM 3005

Program of Work for 2008:

• Help with “Ike Recovery”

◦ Secure funding sources to meet any 25% FEMA match
◦ Restore sewers, water, electricity, and streets to affected beachfront homes
◦ Work with the CAD in fair appraisals of homes
◦ Clear debris on FM 3005, subdivisions, and canals
◦ Coordinate meetings with City and subdivisions
◦ Meet with politicians and Federal funding agencies on the west end revetment/seawall and “Ike Dike”
◦ Work with FOGISP in restoring Galveston Island State Park
◦ Become active on the Long Term Community Recovery (LTCR) Committee
◦ Seek FEMA funding where applicable for property owner associations
◦ Work with the GLO

▪ On the 4.5 LOV line
▪ Repairing and restoring sand socks
▪ Sand nourishment
▪ New technology to hold the sand
▪ Seek funding sources to continue the sand nourishment project from 13 Mile Road to San Luis Pass.
▪ Marsh restoration programs

• Work with the City, County, and Parks Board in major sand nourishment projects in front of the Seawall and the west end Galveston Windstorm Action Committee to reduce or stabilize rate increases.
• District 6 City Council Member
• Continue joint cooperation with Jamaica Beach for the annual Hurricane Preparedness and Planning meeting.
• Work with property owner associations in submitting project goal summary’s for Coastal Impact Assistance Program (CIAP) and CEPRA VI funding
• During the 81st Legislative Session

◦ Find a funding source for the Coastal Protection and Improvement Bill to introduce during the 81st Legislative session.
◦ Address appropriate subcommittees to support funding sources for shoreline restoration projects
◦ Support $40-$50 million funding for CEPRA VI
◦ Work with the GLO

• Pursue CIAP funding projects for the west end through the State and County programs.
• Encourage Sea Isle and Bay Harbor to become members again of the WGIPOA
• Seek more corporate sponsors
• Ban the discharge of firearms on the West End.
• Be an advocate for any issue or concern of member property owner associations with the City and County.
• Chair the Parks Board Beach Maintenance Advisory Committee
• Request the City’s and local legislator’s support to campaign TEXDOT to appropriate funds for the elevation of FM 3005. Besides a safe evacuation of the west end during major storms, the new culverts and outfall channels planned will alleviate major drainage issues.
• Resume meetings again with the City Manager to address and resolve issues and concerns for members.
• Work with groups, associations, legislators in bringing back UTMB to pre Ike status
• Facilitate meetings and secure funding with property owner associations, State and Federal agencies on the long term west Galveston Island marsh restoration projects
• Work with new developments and property owner associations to resolve issues and concerns that affect quality of life issues.
• Continue to encourage new developments to include home owner association an assessment for shoreline restoration projects
• Continue to work with and support organizations like the Galveston Bay Foundation, Scenic Galveston, H.E.A.R.T. (Help Endangered Animals – Ridley Turtles), and others.
• Work with and continue to be a member of GAIN (Galveston Alliance of Independent Neighborhoods) in addressing quality of life issues for Galveston Island.
• Support the ASBPA legislative efforts in Washington
• Support the Texas Chapter ASBPA Legislative efforts in Austin
• Find new locations for meetings
• Develop interesting programs for the meetings
• Develop a WGIPOA newsletter
Jerry Mohn