November 19, 2005

Jerry Mohn, President, called the Board of Directors meeting for the West Galveston Island POA to order at 9:00 a.m. Directors making up the quorum were Jerry Mohn, Wanda Greer - Terramar Beach, Sidney McClendon Pirates Beach, Marie Garrett Bermuda Beach Treasurer, Steve McGee Isla Del Sol, Peggy Zahler - Spanish Grant Beach, John Shiller - Acapulco Village, and Rick Heiberg - Pointe San Luis.

Jerry Mohn introduced Al Choate - Navigation District Commissioner and Candidate for County Commissioner, Pct 2; Eddie Janek, Jr., Candidate County Commissioner Pct 2; Brian Lamb- Candidate for County Commissioner, Pct 2; and Jim Schweitzer, Justice of the Peace Pct. 2 and candidate for Justice of the Peace, Pct. 2. Peggy Zahler - Corporate Sponsors with -Johnson Space Center Credit Union was also acknowledged.

Jerry Mohn expressed appreciation to the City of Jamaica Beach in using their facility for the meeting.

October 15, 2005, Minutes: The minutes had previously been sent to the Board for review. Motions by Peggy Zahler, second by Sidney McClendon, the minutes of October 15, 2005 were approved by unanimous vote with the following resolution:

RESOLVED THAT, the Board approved the October 15, 2005, minutes as presented.

Treasurers Report: The Treasurers Report was reviewed by Marie Garrett. Cash on hand $11,425 and total assets of $12,175. Major expense for the past month was the previously approved $7,992 for the political consultant contract period 10/1/05-9/30/06 through the Galveston County Beach Erosion Task Force. Motion by Sidney McClendon, second by Rick Heiberg, the Treasurers report was accepted by unanimous vote.

RESOLVED THAT, the Board approved the Treasurers Report.

Program: The West End Shoreline Protection and Habitat Restoration Project:

Jerry Mohn introduced Debbie DeVore from the U. S. Fish & Wildlife. Debbie made a presentation concerning the development of a West End Shoreline Protection and Habitat Restoration Project plan by various State and Federal Agencies (USFW, TPW, NOAA, GLO, NMFS) in conjunction with west end property owner associations and the WGIPOA. The Galveston Bay Foundation and the Galveston Bay Estuary Program will also be participants. The project will be a 25 year plan that will encompass all bay subdivisions from Sportsman/8 mile road to San Luis Pass that or will maintenance dredge canals and channels. As a subdivision needs to dredge, the money they would use for the project can be used for match funds. The State and Federal agencies are looking at developing a large, master planned, long term West End project rather than a subdivision-by-subdivision one. The program would maximize the beneficial use of suitable maintenance material to protect valuable bayside habitats.

Debbie works for US Fish & Wildlife, Region 2, in the Texas Coastal Program, the non-regulatory side where grants are given for habitat restoration projects. Last year the Region approved $350,000 in grants for restoration projects.

Debbie discussed the major issues that have caused significant losses in the bay area Texas coastal habitats are subsidence, erosion, relative sea level rise, and development. In the last 30 to 40 years, approximately 30,000 acres of coastal marsh have been lost primarily to subsidence caused by oil and gas well drilling and pumping of well water. Sea level rise is a major factor now. It is estimated the subsidence in the back of West Galveston Island has been 1 to 3 feet. There is natural subsidence as well but it has not been significant as the man made type. Natural erosion is also present, especially with Northerners during the winter. Debbie mentioned anyone can see the erosion rates on the Bureau of Economic Geology website.

The West End Shoreline Protection and Habitat Restoration Project program has been in the developmental process since 2003 when the WGIPOA began meeting with the agencies to discuss maintenance dredging needs of subdivisions and ways to beneficially use material in restoring and protecting habit. The program accelerated when the GLO expressed an interest to use funds from future CEPRA money and Energy Bill (CIAP) allocations to come up with a master plan for all bay side subdivisions on the west end. These projects could be $1 million to 3 million. New developments can also participate but mitigation funds and restoration funds cannot be mixed. When the new development has a maintenance dredge, for example, after 5 years, then match funds for the dredge are available.

The goals and objectives of the West End Shoreline Protection and Habitat Restoration Project are as follows:

The program will seek out grants to match the subdivisions cost to place beneficial use material from a project area to the restored one. The program will help the subdivision with permits and in looking at a blanket permit for several participants.

Types of shoreline protection are sand sock tubes, rock breakwater (used where prone to higher wave action), and concrete bags. These will rebuild habitat. Which application is used is site dependent and subject to the cost of the project. Sand socks are ugly but cost effective. However, they have increased from $100 per foot to $300 per foot; concrete bags costs $4 per foot.

Successful million dollars type projects over the past few years have included Jumbilee Cove (sand socks and marsh mounds) and the Galveston Island State Park (sand socks and marsh terraces), Delehide Cove was a new type of project that involved partnering with a developer, the Pirates POA, the WGIPOA, and State and Federal Agencies. The Delehide Cove project was a sand sock tube; marsh mounds and the beneficial use of dredged channel material. Starvation Cove just finished and Snake Island is in the developmental stage. Isla del Sol is just beginning and recently received a $50,000 grant. The Galveston Bay Foundation recently completed in the Crash Boat Basin or Sweetwater Track area a concrete bag breakwater project.

The biggest accomplishment of all the projects is the return of sea grasses, which have not been seen since the early 1970s. Almost 200 acres alone in the Galveston Island State Park have returned.

A questionnaire on maintenance dredging was sent to all existing west end bay subdivisions and new developments. To date, subdivisions that have provided maintenance dredging information to participate in the long term project include:

**Information being developed

*Never had maintenance dredging but would like to participate.

Debbie would like all the west end subdivisions to participate and to send the maintenance dredging information to Jerry Mohn of the WGIPOA.

Donations - United Way: Each year the WGIPOA makes a contribution to United Way. The people who receive the benefit from the donation are on the island. Motion by Sidney McClendon, second by Peggy Zahler, the Board approved the donation of $300 by unanimous vote.

RESOLVED THAT, the Board approved the $300 donation to United Way of Galveston Island.

Public Relations "The Islander": With the assistance of Kathy Thomas Communications, for the past two years, the WGIPOA has used "The Islander" Newspaper to advertise the upcoming monthly meetings and programs. The Board believes the advertisements are an effective method to communicate to the Island what the WGIPOA is attempting to accomplish. "The Islander" includes in each addition noteworthy information from the previous meeting. Motion by Sidney McClendon, second by Wanda Greer, the Board approved a advertising payment of $2353, which includes $600 for work performed by Kathy Thomas.

RESOLVED THAT, the Board approved the $2353 advertising and public relations fee.

In addition, the Board believes it would be worthwhile to send copies of "The Islander" to friends of WGIPOA, specifically government agencies. Motion by Sidney McClendon, second by Peggy Zahler, the board approved by unanimous vote the request that copies of "The Islander" be sent and the Board further approved a payment of up to $250 to defray the cost.

RESOLVED THAT, the Board approved up to $250 to spend in mailing copies of "The Islander" to friends and government officials.

Hurricane Rita: Since the Gulf Coast area affected by Hurricane Rita, including Galveston County, has been declared a national disaster area, City and County sponsored shoreline restoration projects performed with CEPRA II funds after Hurricane Claudette could qualify for 75% reimbursement to replace and repair the damaged areas. The City and County are cautiously optimistic in receiving the funds and should know in the next few weeks.

FEMA Hazardous Mitigation: As a result of Hurricane Rita, the GLO has taken on the task to submit FEMA Hazardous Mitigation Grants for CEPRA IV PGS submitters that were sponsored by the City or County.

Sands of Kahala: At the October 15 meeting, the Board supported Sands of Kahala Property Owner Association request to go before the Planning Commission hearing to deny the re-plating of an east side development adjacent to their property. The WGIPOA and members of Sands of Kahala addressed the Planning Commission but did not succeed and the re-platting was approved. Discussion was held concerning the 80 acres replatted for six (6) homes and the fact that they are bringing the elevation up to the level of the sand socks. Objections were made to the Planning Commission but it still was approved. Sands of Kahala and the developer are now attempting to work on a solution.

Parks Board of Trustees: GARM and WGIPOA met with the Parks Board on 11/2/05 and came out of the meeting with the following for the west end:

Pirates Beach & Bay Foundation: Discussion held on the 50 acres to be donated to the Pirates Beach & Bay Foundation by Bruce Reinhart of Beachside Village Estates Development. The land is located East of 13 Mile Road between Stewart Road and FM3005.

Motion by Sidney McClendon, second by Peggy Zahler, the Board approved by unanimous vote, that the WGIPOA would support the donation of 50 acres to the PBBF by Bruce Reinhart.

RESOLVED THAT, the Board would support the donation of the 50 acres to the PBBF.

Construction Trailers/Dumpsters: Concern was stated that the removal of construction mobile trailers and dumpsters during storms was not being done. It was understood that this was a City of Galveston requirement. The President advised the GEDP was looking into the construction trailer matter and information would be obtained about the dumpsters..

Property Taxes: GCAD Cheryl Johnson, Tax Assessor Collector will speak at the next WGIPOA meeting on ideas and possibly ways to reduce or limit the increasing property taxes affecting the west end.

There being no further business to come before the Board the meeting was adjourned at 11:00 a.m.